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  • Vaping Advocacy Groups and Organizations

    We(HighClassVapeCo.com) have compiled an easy to read (and easy to look at) infographic that lists the major vaping advocacy groups and organizations in the vaping community.

    Learn about these groups and organizations and if you are financially able, maybe consider joining/donating. You can also help by spreading the word, by simply sharing this post/infographic.
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    Vaping Advocacy Groups and Organizations

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    Did we miss a group or organization? Let us know via the comment section or on twitter.

  • Debunking Common E-Liquid and Vaping Myths

    Whether you're into vaping or you're considering electronic cigarettes for the first time, you may have a few misconceptions about e-juice. There are quite a few e-juice myths out there and many of them are easily debunked.

    To help you separate the truth from the myths, we've put together this infographic for you.

    E-Juice Myths

    If you'd like to use this infographic, please feel free to, all I ask is that you link back to HighClassVapeCo.com and the source/blog page (https://highclassvapeco.com/blog/debunking-common-e-liquid-and-vaping-myths/)

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