About High Class Vape Co.

High Class Vape Co. was founded to meet the growing need in the vape community for a quality, premium product at an affordable price.  As fellow vape connoisseurs we know all too well how hard it is to find a quality and flavorful juice at prices one can actually afford.  High Class Vape Co. is the solution to this problem! Amazing quality, great taste and affordable rates. 

Tired of trying different companies but still not finding what you're looking for? Need to finally discover that all day vape that can fill your favorite tank, share with your friends, and even impress your date with the aroma of each cloud? We have the answers right here. With over sixty new, and high quality eliquids featured on our site there will be no shortage for you to try flavors that you will undoubtedly love and pursue after each paycheck.   

All our ingredients are sourced locally here in the USA using kosher grade based ingredients, responsible yet extremely classy designs on our label and last but not least all our caps are childproof sealed so you can rest assured that when you vape with High Class, your little ones won't be able to get into one of our well sealed bottles..  When you are vaping High Class products you can always count on only the purest and most quality ingredients being used in your juice.  We do not import our flavoring or ingredients. All vapor liquids available on our site are USP Grade Kosher ingredients and contain the highest quality nicotine in the industry from Nude.