Careers from High Class Vape Co.

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Since we opened our doors in August, 2016 High Class Vape Co has been rapidly expanding and building as not only an eliquid company, but a lifestyle brand. It is our goal to raise the bar in the vapor industry and create a stylish brand that can mesh into anybody's lives, regardless of their budget.

It is our goal to maintain a positive brand image on all fronts which requires a great deal of work from our team members. So, we're looking for those who feature a team first mentality. Someone who is always looking to better themselves and those around them with leading by example. Last but not least, we want someone who is extremely dependable and can work well within a fast paced, startup environment.

How To Join The High Class Team:

Alright so you think you have what it takes to bring something awesome to the table? Great! Contact us at right now with your resume and the position you are applying for and we will review your credentials and get back to you with 72 hours. 

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